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Year 5 News

Friday 6th September - Autumn Topic WOW day

Our stars of the week are...


5MA -

5MC -

5VK -

5HA -


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Year 5 Welcome Meeting Presentation

Books your child might enjoy

Here are some websites that could give you some different ideas for books your child might enjoy.

Links for home learning


All subjects:

This covers most subjects and has a useful section with links to Maths and English games.


Again, this has resources for lots of subjects. Click on the subject you want and the age range. There are lots of great interactive games on this.


Various worksheets and activities available to print off.,index





Good for learning spellings in a different way. You can add your own spellings.

Have to register but this is free. A great website for picking books. Extracts are available and a range of genres. This is particularly good for finding texts for reluctant readers.



This is a direct link to interactive games. games - great for looking at methods studied in class.


Don't forget to provide your child with a bottle of water each day :-)