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Implementing the Computing Curriculum

At Bedgrove Junior School, we believe that the computing curriculum should equip children with the skills and understanding to function in an, ever advancing, technological world. We have a discreet timetable for the development of ICT skills as well as promoting the use of transferable skills across subjects. The computing planning is designed to ensure sequential progression from Year 3 to Year 6 building on the skills and knowledge from previous years.


Computing is taught in weekly discrete lessons by our team of Senior LSAs. Each area of learning is covered bi-termly on a class rotation basis so each child will have computing lessons for three out of six half terms. Computing is taught in our ICT room or via our bank of laptops in the classroom environment. There are also opportunities for “unplugged” learning with a focus on computational thinking and programming design. We also provide children with an opportunity to use ICT across the curriculum to engage and inspire through our laptops and iPads.


We also ensure that ICT is used to motivate and engage learners across the curriculum. All staff are becoming more confident with the use of ICT to support teaching. For example, staff are confident to use air server to support modelling in writing, purple mash to record different methods of learning and IPADs to support research or editing.  A move towards one to one devices in key year groups is planned within the academic year


Computing (formally Information and Communication Technology (ICT)), has a greater focus on the most important principles and concepts of computer science. This includes abstraction, logic, algorithms, data representation and programming rather than just operating programs. These are essential skills that children must develop in order to access the modern world. Technology surrounds us and is developing at an ever-increasing pace. In order to equip our children for this, we must develop their critical thinking skills and give our children the opportunity to explore a range of technology in and outside of school.


The skills covered in computing are not only specific to the subject but it also gives children the necessary skills to break down a problem, predict what will happen and use logic to find a solution in practical experiences.

Computing Long Term Overview

Computing across the Curriculum in 2018-2019

Year 3 Drone Day

In Spring Term we had an amazing drone day! We were visited by a company and coded mini flying drones to land in targets. We applied our knowledge of coding, angles and measure and played a giant game of Drone Darts!













Whether it's Maths, English, Topic or Science we love to use ICT across the curriculum. Below are some examples of how we use QR codes around the school and in our classrooms. QR codes can be used to provide a link to online websites, we also use QR codes to save our work to our online portfolio called Seesaw. 


At Bedgrove Junior School we believe computing should play an important role across all curriculum areas. We learn important computing skills, alongside using technology in other curriculum areas to enhance children’s learning and build children’s digital literacy and eSafety skills.

In Topic and Science lessons we love using an app called Google Expeditions. The classroom can be transported to anywhere in the world, past or present! We can become microscopic and explore the human body or become rocketeers and travel around our solar system! This awe inspiring resource enhances the way children learn in a revolutionary way.

Picture 1

We also encourage the use of ICT at home as a vital tool for learning. Mathletics, Times Table Rockstars, Accelerated Reader and Purple Mash are just a few examples of websites we regularly use to bridge learning between the home and school. Using these familiar sites at home gives children the opportunity to extend, enhance and explore their current learning across all subject areas.

We know that using computing gives children the opportunity to engage in learning through new and exciting ways. Moreover, the computing curriculum at Bedgrove Junior School helps children become ready to be confident, informed explorers and contributors of our ever increasing digital world.

If you to find out more about the importance of computing and eSafety please follow the link below:
Don't forget to provide your child with a bottle of water each day :-)