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"Good mathematics is not about how many answers you know but about what you do when you don't know"

- Christy Bailey McManus


At Bedgrove Junior School we aim to deliver a maths curriculum that is accessible to all and one that inspires children to reach their full potential. We aim to provide all children with the knowledge and tools needed in order to progress through KS2 and to allow pupils to transition to secondary school as confident and well-rounded mathematicians. We hope that our children will enjoy maths through delivering lessons that are engaging and do not cap the learning of any child through use of self-differentiation; we do not anticipate the ability of our children through our expectations and therefore all children are on the same learning journey. In all lessons children should feel challenged by accessing multiple methods and activities in order to improve both fluency and conceptual understanding. We aim for all of our children to make sustained progress and succeed in spite of background or ability. We strive hard to make sure Maths is a well-loved subject and that all members of Bedgrove Junior School speak highly of it.

Click the "video resource" link below to see how we teach maths at Bedgrove:

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