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Year 4 News

Our Stars of the Half Term are.......

4JR - Hayden

4SL - Radley

4LT - Telia

4LC - Thishan 

Congratulations to our Stars of the Half Term! Keep up the amazing work



Congratulations to Myla in 4SL for winning the golden tie to wear everyday of next half term! Incredible work!

Our stars of the week are...


4LT -Lacey 

4LC - Amber

4SL - Zach

4JR - Ryan


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Bug Visit

Year 4 had the fortune of meeting some incredible creepy crawlies on Wednesday afternoon. They were amazed, enthused and some managed to conker their fears. We took the great journey to Aylesbury Grammar School where we met an orange kneed tarantula, various stick insects, a katydid and two beautiful snakes, one being a python. The children had the opportunity to have the snakes resting on their shoulders and the tarantula, who was called Lucy, sit peacefully on either their leg or shoulder and if they were super brave their head! The children were exceptionally well behaved and thoroughly engaged in the session. 



Congratulations to the following children on becoming the Pupil Parliament members for Year 4:

4SL - Dylan

4JR - Hebe

4LT - Julian

4LC - Sarwin

Year 4 Welcome Meeting Presentation

Don't forget to provide your child with a bottle of water each day :-)