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Bedgrove Junior School Assemblies

Assembly update for the summer term 2021:


Due to Covid-19, and to avoid whole school mixing of bubbles, our school assemblies will take place in class. These will be delivered by the class teacher using pre recorded PowerPoints / videos that have been prepared by subject leaders.


Our music assemblies will continue to be delivered by Mrs Warner. Every Tuesday, on a rotational basis, one year group bubble will have a music assembly delivered in person, in the hall; the rest of the year groups will listen and participate in a pre recorded video provided by Mrs Warner in class.



Summer Term Assembly Overview


Monday 26th: Travel Planning - Mrs Askham

Friday 7th May : VE Day - Miss Haynes

Monday 10th May : Ramadan - Mrs Linford and Mrs Farooq

Monday 24th May : Keeping Safe / Safeguarding - Miss Gore and Miss Coates


Tuesday 8th June : World Ocean Day - Miss Robertson and Mrs Agnew

Monday 21st June : National Sports Week - PE team and sports leaders 

Monday 5th July : Transition / changes - Mrs Makepeace



*Please note, due to the introduction of additional reading time and access to accelerated reader quizzes it means that assemblies will be held every other week.



Pre Covid-19 Assemblies at Bedgrove Junior :

At Bedgrove Junior, our whole school assemblies are predominantly linked to the school values, British values and major religious festivals / world events celebrated at that time of year. These assemblies are predominantly led by members of the Senior Leadership Team - Mrs Greco, Mrs Makepeace, Mrs Askham, Miss Andrews and Miss Haynes. On a Friday, we have our whole school celebration assembly where we recognise the achievements of our children both in school and outside of school - we are 'Proud to be Purple!' Tuesday is our music assembly run by our specialist music teacher - Mrs Warner - where a high percentage of the music curriculum is delivered.