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Healthy Minds/PSHE (RSE)

Implementation of Healthy Minds at Bedgrove Junior School

We place a large emphasis on pupil well-being and readiness for life in the next stage of their education and in modern Britain.  We use every opportunity to teach pupils about the world around them – engaging in days such as Remembrance Day, holding our own parliament vote during the general election and supporting national events such as Children In Need. We also ensure that our pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe, have the opportunity to discuss aspects of life that affect them and learn about how to be a good citizen, a good friend and a good member of both our school and local community.   We also work hard to find out about how our lives compare to others and we learn this through the 17 sustainable goals – for example hunger and poverty across the world.  Much of this learning happens through whole school events or assemblies although we also devote one hour per week to our ‘Healthy Minds’ sessions where we believe that if children do not have a ‘healthy mind’ free form worry then they will be unable to learn.

Curriculum Overview

Healthy Minds sessions at Bedgrove Junior School combine learning from PSHE and SMSC whilst also learning about school values, British Values and how to keep safe.  We have a one hour healthy minds session per week.



Information for parents about relationships and health education