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School Improvement Plan

The SEF (Self Evaluation Framework) allows all schools to self assess against the OFSTED handbook criteria.  The SDP (School Development Plan) identifies the key priorities for the year ahead.

Please see our School Self Evaluation/Development Plan. This plan incorporates both the school Self Evaluation Framework (SEF) and also identifies our main priorities for improvement for the upcoming year. It also sets out our three year vision objectives and the milestones for achieving these.


The School Development Plan (SDP) is written in close liaison with all stakeholders including parents, staff, governors and the children at our school. 

The SLT monitor the implementation of the plan within school and the governors monitor the impact closely through governors meetings and visits into the school.


The SDP is evaluated regularly to monitor our progress towards achieving our objectives. The SDP feeds directly into subject specific action plans which identify key actions for senior or subject leaders.

School Self Evaluation/Development Plan