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Pupil Parliament

Welcome to the 'Pupil Parliament' page


Our Pupil Parliament will be made up of one member from each class within our school alongside our Head Boy and Girl and their four Vices. We will have a total of 23 members of the Pupil Parliament.


In September class representatives made their speeches through videos or saying their speech to their class.  Each classroom had a voting station so their peers could vote for their chosen representative.   


Head Boy/Girl and their Vices had to write a letter to Mrs Greco to explain why they would be amazing for the role.  Senior Leadership looked through all of the applications and made the important decision.  


Our Pupil Parliament members are:

  • Head boy - Orson
  • Head girl -  Enya
  • Deputies - Orlaith, Aimee, Felix and James


Year 3 

3LP - Harry    3JP - Alvin   3LT - Ania  3AH - Darcey

Year 4 

4CT - Izzy   4LC - Lucy  4AL - Phoebe  4RR - Grace

Year 5 

5MA - Zahra   5VK - Thoshani     5HA - Charlie   5LA - Harry

Year 6 

6KH - Harry   6KL - Deebika and Thomas   6HS - Elizabeth  6MC - Zak


Pupil Parliament meet once per fortnight with Mrs Makepeace. Each meeting has an agenda of items to discuss.


Our main focus last year was to:

  • Fundraise for the school and both local and national charities. Pupil Parliament members had to research local and national charities that are important to them and their families and report back during our meetings. We then decided which charities we wanted to support.
  • Improve parking outside of the school by encouraging pupils to walk to school where they can or park further away and walk a proportion of the journey.
  • Support the school to improve teaching and learning even further by completing learning walks in to different lessons with members of the SLT. Feedback is then provided to teachers from members of the Pupil Parliament.


During our meetings we also provide feedback from our class on different aspects of the school. 


Next Meeting:

Via Zoom on Tuesday 29th June


Meeting ID: 726 6394 2826
Passcode: Lastone



Fundraising events 



Friday 25th September - Macmillan Coffee Morning - Children were invited to bring in cakes for their morning snack. We also invited staff to a bake off. We raised £453.88.




Mrs Flynn - Winning cake

Thank you for all of your support to make this a successful day for an amazing charity. We have raised a total of £600 from selling Red Noses, £75 from our design a red nose competition and £484 for dressing as a superhero/mufti. The winners of the red nose design competition are, Adam in Year 4 and Kerryn in Year 6, they have won a £5 Amazon voucher each! Mrs Greco has had many laughs today, the class who made her laugh out the loudest was 4LC, they earnt an extra 30-minute playtime. I would like to thank our wonderful Pupil Parliament for planning this event, creating posters and voting for the best designs.

Red Nose Day at Bedgrove Junior School

Pupil Parliament Tasks


  • Pen licences surveys to be completed and brought to the next meeting on Tuesday the 8th June.
  • Research the the pros and cons of school's having pen licences.