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Bedgrove Junior School

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School Mission Statement

Mission Statement 



At Bedgrove Junior we want to be the 'Best' school we can be. To inspire children with our engaging curriculum which champions challenge at all levels in order to create resilient and ambitious children who succeed in becoming lifelong learners who are prepared for their future in a fast moving and diverse world.



Bedgrove Junior School will continually seek to:

  • Ensure that every child leaves Bedgrove with an aspirational view of their future, an unwavering belief in their own skills and capabilities, as well as the personal skills and ability to support their own mental and physical well-being. 
  • Provide a broad, balanced, enriching and innovative curriculum which enables children to achieve their best, think creatively, to develop their skills and knowledge, and be actively involved in their learning. 
  • Remove barriers to learning, value diversity, and promote equity for all pupils.
  • Enable children, within a nurturing environment, to develop as respectful and caring global citizens contributing positively to their own community and the wider world. 
  • Increase the impact of our outward facing activities as a school. Making use of any opportunity to learn from others whilst increasing the use of our own expertise to inspire and support other schools; ensuring that all pupils within our reach receive a high quality of education.






'Inspire' - we strive to ignite a passion for learning within our children and aim to ignite children's enthusiasm and desire to learn and explore.


'Challenge' - we aim to provide challenge for all children so that they strive to achieve their very best. We adopt a growth mind-set policy where children will self-challenge and always try to do even better and learn from their mistakes.


'Succeed' - we want all of our children to succeed to the very best of their own ability.  We have a 'can do' culture where we believe every child can achieve and we support, challenge and motivate pupils to want to succeed in everything they do.