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Year 3 Homework

Summer Term Extended Homework

Summer Term Maths Homework Timetable

Year 3 Homework


Reading - We expect the children to read at least three times a week for a minimum of 10 minutes in Year 3.  They should record this in their Reading Records. (These will be sent home with reading books once we have completed assessments to ensure the children have books at the correct level.)


After finishing a book, the children can log onto the Accelerated Reader website (link below)  to complete a comprehension quiz to show their understanding of the text. 


Once you have read a book, click on Accelerated Reader – type in the book name (not all books have a quiz) – click on take quiz and work through the questions – you can take a vocabulary test afterwards if it is offered to you.


Spellings - Children will be explicitly taught spelling rules within class. Spelling lists will be displayed on the website for each half term.  Children will not be formally assessed on these spellings but we will be focussing on them is class.   Children will be expected to use Spelling Shed weekly to practise their spelling rules and common exception words but the more they practise the better their outcomes will be. They can play any of the games available.



Times Tables Rock Stars - Times Table Rock stars will be set every other Tuesday; children are expected to complete the challenges that have been set. Children are encouraged to continue to use this programme or Maths Shed to practise their timetables on a daily basis.  Links are; and


When homework is set on TTRS, sections will be greyed out so they can't access anything other than their homework. A headphone symbol will appear which tells them how many games have been completed out of the amount set.


Doodle Maths - Download the free app onto any touchscreen device (iPad, Kindle Fire, Android Tablet etc.)  You can also access through the Doodle Maths website.
or computer.

-This app is tailored to your child's ability level in Maths.  All children will complete a Doodle Maths baseline assessment in school so that they can work through the questions as often as they like (collecting stars along the way) at their own pace and a suitable level for each individual child.  This app/website  covers all areas of the Maths curriculum.

More information can be found at 

-When homework is set for the children on alternate Mondays, it will be displayed as a green circle with the heading; 'Extras.'




Rewards and Recognitions

To encourage children further, house tokens and headteacher awards will be given to those children for who go above expectations. 

National Curriculum document on spellings