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"A different language is a different vision of life."
Federico Fellini

Bedgrove Junior School MFL Curriculum Statement



At Bedgrove Junior School, we want to inspire all children to become immersed in learning a new language by delivering an engaging curriculum with enthusiastic teachers.  We focus on the teaching of French. The reason we focus on French is that it is a common language taught in KS3 at our main feeder schools and we believe it is essential that we provide our pupils with the skills and knowledge to succeed when they move to secondary school with a clear foundation in a language; primarily French. These tools will support the children to adapt and learn how to understand and engage with learning any other language that they may encounter whilst at secondary school.  We aim to provide children with a broad understanding of the different ways in which they can learn and develop the skills to learn a different language. We will utilise the use of games, songs and stories to solidify the children’s knowledge and help them to progress further. We also aim to challenge all pupils by constantly providing them with opportunities to record their words or sentences from memory to help solidify the language. We also want children to be independent within their learning of a language and greatly encourage them to use their new language in their day-to-day life as well as discovering new language for themselves.



  • Lessons are taught once a week for 45 minutes.
  • Children begin by learning basic vocabulary in Year 3 to ensure children all have the same foundation to work on throughout their time at Bedgrove Junior.  Children are exposed to a range of vocabulary looking at a specific topic/theme each half term.
  • Teachers primarily use the Language Angels programme to help with confidence, progressive knowledge and skills and to make sure that all children have the same level of teaching across the school.
  • Children are taught through interactive games, which can range from listening, reading and writing skills.
  • The use of French WOW day helps to solidify the children’s understanding of French culture and cuisine. French WOW day also provides the children an opportunity to further develop their writing skills and enables the children to be more independent. Each year group will have differentiated tasks for their year group to enable all to achieve.
  • Teachers use words/ phrases of the week to help children continue their understanding of different phrases that are used in everyday life in France.



Children have a clear love and enjoyment for learning French and this is apparent through pupil interviews and observations that take place. Through training and a clear progressive planned curriculum staff feel more able and confident to teach French successfully. The children have also gained an increased awareness of a different culture and are able to understand the culture differences and accept them through the use of French WOW days. We believe that the children at Bedgrove Junior School have a readiness for learning a new language when they move to secondary school. We also believe that our children have a solid foundation to work from when they move to KS3 which will allow them to continue their French learning but also provide them with the tools and skills to learn a different language as well.

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