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Bedgrove Junior School

An Academy of the Great Learners Trust


Who's Who

If you would like to speak to any member of staff please contact the school office or speak to the class teacher at the end of the school day.  If needed, please speak with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Members of the SLT will be available on the school gates in the morning and afternoon. However, if you would prefer a private meeting, please contact the school office. 


Headteacher:                                                              Mr H Hillier

Deputy Headteacher:                                                Miss N Andrews

Assistant Headteacher/Raising Standards:           Miss J Scannell

Assistant Headteacher/Staff Development:          Mrs L Payne



Year 3 Teachers

Miss J Parry - 3JP (Year Group Lead)

Miss J Adams - 3JA

Miss L Rhoades-Smith - 3RS

Miss Z Imtiaz - 3ZI


Year 4 Teachers

Mrs V Linford - 4VL (Year Group Lead)

Mrs K Leonard - 4KL

Mrs L Tiddy - 4LT

Miss H Welsh - 4HW


Year 5 Teachers

Miss L Carman - 5LC (Year Group Lead)

Ms C Spears - 5CS

Miss K Idrissi - 5KI

Mrs L Hmaidi/Miss C Tartaglia - 5HT


Year 6 Teachers

Mrs K Hurrell - 6KH (Year Group Lead) 

Mrs O Goddard - 6NB

Miss R Robertson - 6RR

Miss K James - 6KJ


Cover Teachers

Mrs C Wilson


Trainee Teachers

Miss J Keen - 3JP (off Site placement)

Miss M Randell - 4KL (off site placement)

Miss L Fenton - 4VL (6 week placement)


PPA/Management Cover/Specialist Teachers

Mrs K Warner (Music)


Senior LSAs

Mrs C Taylor (Year 3)

Mrs G Bird (Year 3 & 4)

Mrs J Payne (Year 5 & 6)



Year 3

Miss S Davies

Miss K Mart

Ms A Northcott

Miss K Warner

Mrs L Payne


Year 4

Miss J Chun

Mrs F Siraj

Mrs M Tosti

Mrs H Turnbull


Year 5

Mrs L Martin

Mrs Y Cunningham

Mrs L Heyes

Mr I Baker

Miss Z Raybould


Year 6

Mrs S Hosegood

Mrs I Sharma 

Mrs L Kenton

Mrs K Brooks

Mrs R Baker

Miss L Jackson


Pastoral Team

Pastoral & Safeguarding Lead                                   Mrs G Carrey

Child & Support Worker                                                Miss L Coates


Office Staff

School Business Manager                                               Mrs N Povey

School Administrator                                                       Mrs L Davies

School Secretary                                                               Miss G Lewicki


Site Staff

Site Manager                                                                      Mr T Pope


Maternity Leave

Mrs V Crawford