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Bedgrove Junior School

An Academy of the Great Learners Trust


Who's Who

If you would like to speak to any member of staff please contact the school office.  Please note that if you have any concerns about your child then their class teacher should be the first point of contact. If your concerns continue please escalate the matter to the Year Group Leader. Following this, if you still feel unhappy, then please speak with a member of the Senior Leadership Team.


Headteacher:                                                                Mrs L Greco

Deputy Headteacher:                                                 Mrs J Makepeace

Acting Deputy Headteacher:                                     Miss N Andrews

Assistant Headteacher:                                               Mrs L Payne



Year 3 Teachers

Miss J Parry - 3JP (Year Group Lead)

Mrs C Wilson - 3CW

Mrs L Tiddy - 3LT

Mrs V Crawford - 3AR


Year 4 Teachers

Mrs V Linford - 4VL (Year Group Lead)

Miss C Tartaglia 4CT

Miss R Robertson - 4RR

Miss L Rhoades-Smith - 4RS


Year 5 Teachers

Mrs K Hurrell - 5KH (Year Group Lead)

Mrs C Spears - 5CS

Miss L Carman - 5LC

Miss H Welsh - 5HW


Year 6 Teachers

Miss J Scannell - 6JS (Year Group Lead) 

Miss M Cole - 6MC

Miss K Leonard - 6KL

Miss K James - 6KJ


PPA/Management Cover/Specialist Teachers

Mrs K Warner (Music)


Senior LSAs

Mrs C Taylor (Year 6)

Mrs G Bird (Year 5 & 6)

Mrs J Payne (Year 3 & 4)


Trainee Teacher

Miss J Adams - 3CW



Year 3

Mrs J Chun

Mrs L Martin

Mrs R Farooq

Mrs F Siraj

Mrs N Weller

Year 4

Mrs L Payne

Mrs L Kenton

Mrs K Brooks

Miss E Lewis

Mrs R Zubcevic

Year 5

Miss K Mart

Mrs K Jessett

Mrs R Baker

Mr J Mcdonald

Year 6

Mrs S Hosegood

Mr D Morgan

Mrs S Collins


Pastoral Team

Child & Family Support Co-ordinator                             Miss C Gore


Office Staff

School Business Manager                                               Mrs N Povey

School Administrator                                                       Mrs L Davies

School Secretary                                                               Miss G Lewicki


Site Staff

Site Manager                                                                      Mr T Pope

Staff Responsibilities