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Parent Forum

Parent Forum

Parent forum has been up and running for the past three years, this is an opportunity for parents to have a cuppa and biscuits to discuss Bedgrove Junior School news, school improvements and to have a say!  Meetings happen ½ termly for an hour. During the last year, we discussed transitions, the behaviour policy, assessments, parents evening, curriculum knowledge mats and termly reports.  Parents who previously attended have felt that they are making a difference to the education for all, they feel part of a team and feel valued that they have a voice.  Feedback from the forum is shared with the senior leadership team and all staff. 

As a school we are always thinking about ways in which we can build on our existing community and expand further.  Parent forum allows us to develop stronger relationships between staff and families.  The ideal vision is to have a least one representative per class that parents can pass their ideas onto.  If you are interested in joining, please contact the office.

If you’d like to contact your class or year group representative, please e-mail the office with the subject heading ‘FAO Parent Forum’ followed by the name of your class representative.

Meet our representatives


Year 3

Charlotte 3JP

Krasimira 3JP

Julia 3LT

Bob 3CW


Year 4

Laura 4CT

Hayley 4RR


Year 5

Jen 5LC

Claverie 5CS

Sophie 5KH

Katy 5KH

Jenny 5HW

Anthony 5HW


Year 6

Erika 6JS

Liz 6KJ

Fiona 6MC

Mauro 6KL



Up and coming meetings...


Tuesday 30th November 1.30pm

Parent Forum Minutes

Parent Forum Expectations