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Bedgrove Junior School

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"Geography has made us neighbours. History has made us friends." - J.F.K

"Painter, paint!" - Salvador Dali

Summer Art and DT topics

Year 3 - Marketing Madness (Focusing closely on the importance of packaging when creating goods)

Year 4 - Tale As Old As Time (Delving deep into how art can tell a story)

Year 5 - The Greatest Show (Looking at how performance and art intertwine and enhance one another)

Year 6 - This Is Me! (Exploring how identity is portrayed through art)



At Bedgrove Junior School we want to inspire children to be curious about the past and the world around them whilst developing their creative skills and knowledge. We strive to deliver a curriculum which teaches children to create thoughtful comparisons between civilisations, appreciate the diversity of societies and understand their local area and how this compares across the world. We also hope to inspire pupils to develop an understanding of the history of arts whilst developing skills in this area. These combined experiences will enable children to succeed in these key areas throughout KS2 and when accessing the ks3 curriculum and understand their identity both on a local and global level. Through our topic curriculum and modelling by staff, we aspire for children to use a range of historical, geographical and artistic terminology and language in the correct contexts. We aim to make sure topic is spoken of highly amongst all school stakeholders and that staff feel proficient in teaching all aspects of it. We also aim to challenge our pupils by providing opportunities to develop resilience, to work collaboratively and to reflect critically on their learning.