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FAO New Year 3 Parents joining us in September 2017

Whizz Fizzing pics

Aylesbury Whizzfizzing Festival 2017 - Saturday 1st July


The children had a fantastic time at the parade this year and terrified all who witnessed their skillfully crafted beast masks! Thank-you to all who came along and supported the event including the lovely parents who really entered into spirit of things and found themselves surprisingly taken by the hypnotic samba rhythms. (When in Aylesbury...) Particular thanks to the children who managed to carry our 'beast' around the parade route without dropping him  and also to the super-strong children who tirelessly carried the banner.



Year 3 timetable for Summer 2

3LH had the best attendance in the school for May.  Well done Guys, you all have a mufti-day on Friday 9th June.

Star of the half-term!

3MG - Emily Willment

3LH - Ted Siburn

3CT - Ellie Fymruk

3SH - Alesia Caraba


Well done guys!

A Wundercrump day...


The children had a fantastic time visiting the County Museum and, although they already knew quite a bit about Roald Dahl, many of them came back with more interesting facts relating to the great local writer. Here is what they had to say about it:


"I particularly liked getting shrunk and I liked doing the roleplay!" Alyssa Baker 3SH


"I liked the shadow room where it freezes your shadow. We tried fitting back in to our shadows again. It was really fun!" Bo Bo Edwards 3MG


"I liked it when we went through Mr Fox's tunnel which was full of wondrous creatures. In the middle of the tunnel was a big tube from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Weird!" Christopher Georgiev - 3SH




Trip to County Museum and Roald Dahl Children's Gallery

Cooking pictures

Cooking in year 3!!


This week the children  embarked on a rather scrumptious cooking lesson tackling Fantastic Mr Fox’s very own 'Bean’s Brilliant Bramley Apple Crumble'. The children worked in small groups within their classes to prepare the  crunchy, crumble top.


The apples required peeling, coring and chopping into 1-2cm pieces and the children exercised brilliant knife control being very careful to place their apple pieces into water to keep them from spoiling. The children were very keen to take turns having a ago at different roles and we discussed what was going to happen to them and the process of stewing the apples with sugar.


During this period, the children each had a go at creating the lightest, crunchiest crumble by measuring out flour, sugar and butter and mixing them by hand. When they had finished, the children very professionally sprinkled and spread the crumble layer evenly on top of their sweet apple base.


Finally, after the crumble had turned golden in the oven, we served up generous portions of apple crumble with custard for those who wanted it (Extra portions were recommended!) and tucked in to the tasty puddings in our classrooms. The children didn’t just like the crumble…. They loved the whole lesson!

Roald Dahl Wow Day!

Roald Dahl Wow Day! 17.4.17

Today we launched our new topic: 'The Weird and Wonderful World of Roald Dahl'. The children came in to school in a range of fantastic Dahl themed outfits and took part in a round-robin of activites based around the story of the 'Enormous Crocodile'.

3CT - The children created persuasive wanted posters based around how to capture the enormous crocodile.

3MG - The children recapped the story, took on different roles from the book and created alternative endings in the form of a drama skit.

3LH - The children became crocodile hunters and created their own own dastardly crocodile traps!

3SH - The children created crafty plans to aid a crocodile in the gobbling up of a teacher of their choice. Children had to consider resources and environmental features in sneaking up on unsuspecting teacher at school.



Thank you to everyone who came to the PGL meeting today.  If you were unable to make it, we have attached the PowerPoint that was shown during the meeting.  If you have any questions, Mrs Greco or Mrs Makepeace will be happy to help.  Further information of the trip, should be sent out by the end of next week.

Year 3 Science Day


On Tuesday 14th March year 3 celebrated National Science week by having a whole day of science.  We based all of our lessons around the theme of 'colour' and this is what we got up to.


We started the morning by looking at how water is transported around plants.  The children were given some celery that had spent the night in some coloured water.  The children worked in groups to dissect the celery, looking closely at how the water had been transported up the xylem towards the leaves.


After break things got messy (and slightly crazy) as we experimented with food colouring, washing up liquid and milk.  The children were fascinated to see the reaction created when adding washing up liquid to a saucer of milk with food colouring.  Due to the different consistencies the washing liquid floated on top of the milk and spread the food colouring around forming lots of interesting, moving patterns.  Next we created rainbows using skittles and hot water.  The children enjoyed watching the colours spread and were also intrigued to see all the sugar inside the sweets.


In the afternoon we went outside.  Firstly to look at the colours of nature, were we explored different colours, shades and tones found the spinney and lastly to play a game of 'hunt the caterpillars'.  The children were tasked with collecting different coloured wool "caterpillars" from the field.  We looked at which colours we found the most and least of and discussed why.


Overall the children had a great day and the teachers were impressed with the scientific discussions and ideas.

See attached letter below complimenting our children on the recent geography trip. We were very proud of them!

Letter from Aylesbury society

 10.2.17 - All the children have been given a MATHLETICS login and can now access this maths website to brush up on their maths skills as well as complete against other children from all over the world in different areas of maths!

Geography trip into Aylesbury town 7.2.17 & 9.1.17


The children had a great time exploring the world around us this week as we walked into Aylesbury town, studying human and physical geography along the way. We looked at the effects of a growing population and considered why we have churches, shopping centres and different types of buildings as well as studying important features like as the cemetery, parks and the canal. We found out about some Aylesbury's history by taking a guided tour around the town centre and found out about how the town has expanded over time. We also learnt about the tunnels that lie beneath the town which can be explored by members of the public once a year...


We were very proud to have our children complimented by members of the public on these days for their excellent behaviour and, despite the long walk and chilly temperatures, the children showed fantastic resilience and enthusiasm for the world around them!


Aylesbury town trip

Our Amazing World 


The children had a very busy and exciting first day back as we kicked the new year and our new topic off with a WOW day.  This term we will be learning all about our amazing world and during our wow day the children were luckily enough to visit four different continents; Asia, Africa, South America and Antarctica.

When the children arrived at school they collected their passports and were then ushered off to the hall, also known as 'Bedgrove International Airport'.  After checking in and facing some grueling security checks the children were sent to their boarding gates ready to start their journey.  Throughout the day they had the opportunity to travel to each of the four continents and experience some of the history and culture.



In Miss Tartaglia's class the children were inspired by Chinese traditions and beliefs and got busy (and messy) creating their own Chinese dragon masks.  The adults were all impressed at the children's concentration and intricate designs.  Their masks looked fabulous as they paraded them around the class.



The children visited Africa with Mr Harris and learnt about tribal culture before splitting into house teams where they painted unique African murals.  They also learnt how to play traditional djembe drums while performing spiritual dances.


South America.

Things were getting funky in Mr Glanney's room as the children created their own Samaba rthyms.  Inspired by the smooth sounds of South America the children enjoyed both listening to some traditional samba music and also working together to compose their own versions.



In Mrs Hmaidi's classroom the children were transported back to 1912 and the fatal Terra Nova expedition taken by Captain Scott and his crew on their attempt to be the first people to ever reach the South Pole.  The children enjoyed acting out scenes from the expedition as well as creating their own journals from the view point of one the explorers.

Year 3 Christmas Concert.

A huge 'Well Done' to all the year 3 children for their fantastic performance in the Christmas Concert.  I'm sure all the parents will agree that they did a fantastic job at performing some classic Christmas hits of the past.



Over the past half term both the children and teachers have really enjoyed studying the Ancient Egyptians.  Last Friday we were lucky enough to finish our topic off, by celebrating all we had learnt with the help of Steve and Sally from 'Portals to the Past'.  The children arrived at school looking fabulous in all their Egyptian attire, a massive thank you to all the parents for their help and effort.  

During the morning the children completed a round robin of activities including an Egyptian quiz, some ancient measuring and most excitingly, looking at some real Ancient Egyptian artefacts.

In the afternoon Steve and Sally put on a great show for us all about the poisoning of an unfortunate Pharaoh, followed by their mummification and the crowning of a new Pharaoh (Glanney-Ank-Hamun)


The children all had a great day and we were all really impressed with both their enthusiasm and knowledge.

Egyptian Topic Homework.


We have been both amazed and impressed with the topic homework coming in from the year 3 children so far.  It is clear to see that the children are really enjoying learning about the Ancient Egyptians and have been finding creative ways to share their knowledge.  We've had some fantastic power point presentations, quizzes, posters, pyramids, mummies and even a tasty pyramid cake.  Here are a few examples of the work we have seen so far.

Wild Woods Trip.


To celebrate the end of our Stone Age topi, Year 3 spent an exciting (and luckily dry) day at Wendover Woods.  We went back in time over 3 million years to experience life as they would have during the Stone Age.  

Upon arrive the children had to make their own shelters from natural resources and think about how these would protect them from the elements as well as the threat of wild and dangerous animals.  We then decorated our surroundings with some Andy Goldsworthy inspired natural art.  We looked at how cave art was created and how it has left us clues to the past.

After a quick stop back in the present day for lunch and hot chocolate the children were refueled and ready to return to the Stone Age.

The afternoon was filled with more fun activities, some survival based and some based on style!

First, the children had the chance to beautify themselves by making jewellery from leaves, twigs, twine and berries.  

After strutting our stuff on the Stone Aged catwalk it was back to serious business. . . hunting!

In groups the children set about making traps to capture something tasty.  With only natural resources to use for tools the children got creative and came up with some fantastic traps.  Luckily, there were no Mammoths to be seen in that the woods that day, otherwise they would have been in trouble!

Overall, the children had a great day and really showcased all the knowledge and skills they had gained from the topic.

See the homework tab for details of a new topic homework (set 1.11.16)

Welcome meeting powerpoint. Please see below if you missed the meeting or wanted to check anything.



Dear Parents and Children,

Welcome to the wonderful world of year 3! We hope you can take a few moments to explore the new pages.


Homework will be added regularly as well as year group news, photographs and any reminders.

Please remember if you can't find what you're looking for here you can always get in touch with your child's class teacher in person or send a note in to school.


Kind Regards,


The Year 3 team.




To kick start our 'Savage Stone Age' topic, year 3 had a 'WOW' day.  Over the course of the day the children took part in 4 different stone age activities.


With Mr Harris the children discovered that Stone Age People were hunter-gatherers who relied on teamwork to stay alive.  Outside, the children were tasked to complete hunting activities such as Mammoth Madness; a fun twist on stuck in the mud.  A fast-paced gathering game; Berry Bonanza, in which rival tribes tried to collect more berries ad fruit than the opposition and a final "Clear the Cave" teamwork game involving a lot of hoops and a lot of giggling.


In Mrs Hmaidi's classroom the children looked at how fossils leave us clues about the past.  The children had great fun getting messy making their own "fossil dough" in which they left clues about the way we life nowadays.


The children were getting tongue tied in Miss Targatlia's class as they worked in teams to create their own Stone Age language.  They then had to work in their groups to create a "Mammoth Trap" using only their made up language to communicate with one another.


Mr Glanney had the whole of the year 3 block shaking with noise as the children got into tribes and created their own Stone Age war cries!  Based on the Haka, the children came up with fearful dances and chants to scare off any enemy tribes.  The winners from each class then when through to the final, where Jackson and William from 3MG were declared victorious!