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Year 3 Homework

Year 3 Homework


Reading - We expect the children to read three times a week. They can record this in their school planners, on the yellow pages. We ask parents to sign this weekly. Planners are only checked on Monday or Tuesdays by class staff.


Spellings - Children are given spellings to learn every Tuesday, these are stuck into the blue pages in their school planner. On the following Tuesday the children will be tested on these spellings on the pink pages in their school planner. The children should be practising their spellings throughout the week using, 'Look, cover, write and check.'


Logbook tasks - One logbook task is set every term.


English and Maths - One piece of either English or Maths homework will be sent home on alternate weeks.



Attached are the spellings for both groups, the spellings should also be stuck in your child's planner. As an extra challenge ask your child to think about what other spellings may follow the same rule or indeed spellings that don't!

Year 3 English Homework – Mathletics


A selection of Mathletics tasks have been set linked to what we have been learning in Maths.


Please use your login  and complete the activity by Monday 30th April.  


We have had some fabulous Topic logbooks entries! Well done Year 3!

We had some fabulous e-safety projects - children in Year 3 really do have a good understanding of how to stay safe online!

Autumn Logbook entries


We can really see how much time and effort the children (and parents) put into our logbook task. The children were able to talk in detail about their homework, which was lovely to see! Take a look below at some of the fabulous entries we recieved.

National Curriculum document on spellings