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Year 3 Homework

Year 3 Homework


Reading - We expect the children to read three times a week. They can record this in their school planners, on the yellow pages. We ask parents to sign this weekly.


Spellings - Children are given spellings to learn every Tuesday, these are stuck into the blue pages in their school planner. On the following Monday the children will be tested on these spellings on the pink pages in their school planner. The children should be practising their spellings throughout the week using, 'Look, cover, write and check.'


All other homework tasks will be set after half term, this gives the children time to settle into Year 3.

Change to spelling test day

From next week we will be testing the children's spellings on a Tuesday.

The spellings will be tested on a Tuesday and then the new spellings will be handed out straight away.

Thank you in advance.

National Curriculum document on spellings