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French WOW day

On the 18th January, Bedgrove Junior School immersed themselves into the French world. There was a sea of red, white and blue around the school. Some children were also dressed as stereotypical Frenchmen as well as some quirky French themed costumes e.g. a frog. One pupil in Year 5 went beyond what was expected and created her own French themed t-shirt, which contained information on France.  

The whole school learnt about some French traditions and cultures and where able to greet one another in a typical French style. Year 3 and 4 later went on to explore the French values (Liberty, Equality and Fraternity) and they created their own presentation about the values. Year 4’s created videos about the motto to share with one another. Year 5 and 6 stretched this further by looking at the comparison between the British values and the French values. They were able to create a presentation using any form of media. The children observed that the French value liberty links to the British Value individual liberty. They also went on to discover that, equality has been split into to two sections within the British Values.

Year 3 created their own poster on the items that can be found within their pencil case and were able to label the images. Year 4 made some French toast! They then went on to creating their own set of instructions on how to make French toast. Year 5 looked at their family, produced a fact file about themselves, and created a paragraph on their family along with a drawing. The Year6 children rewrote the Hungry Caterpillar story. Some of the children were challenged to recall the story from memory and recall the phrases/words accurately.

The day was a huge success and children were able to develop their confidence in speaking, listening, reading and writing in French.  Below are some examples of the work produced on that day, along with some images of some incredible costumes.

WOW Day costumes

WOW Day costumes 1
WOW Day costumes 2
WOW Day costumes 3
WOW Day costumes 4

French WOW day work

French WOW day work 1
French WOW day work 2
French WOW day work 3
French WOW day work 4


Overview of French for the Year 2018/2019


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2




Classroom/School environment


My home






Describing People


My town




On Holiday


Eating out

The environment







The future

Picture 1 This is an example of a game on Salut
Picture 2 These are the new words around the corridors

This term in Year 6, we begun by exploring the school environment and saying the different parts of the classroom and we then moved onto identifying what can be found within our pencils cases. We then moved onto creating a dialogue describing what we found in our pencil cases. Afterwards, we moved onto looking at a range of actions that we perform. We looked at creating sentences and using these actions within them. We have started to look at conversations and communicating with one another and working extremely hard on perfecting our pronunciation and accents.  We are developing our writing skills to form conversations and having a confident knowledge in our listening and reading skills has greatly benefited this.


This term in Year 5, we looked at French greetings and how to communicate with one another to form conversations we then moved onto recapping the different colours and being able to use them in a range of sentences. This was then followed by looking at our numbers and how we could include saying our age into a conversation. We were able to learn these all through songs and stories to help boost our confidence in speaking, listening and reading French. We have also looked at describing the town centre and being able to identify the different shops that can be found within a town centre.


This term in Year 4, we have looked how to describe the body. We played a human body game where we had to create labels of the French terms and locate them on a person’s body. We then looked at how to describe the different facial features. We used a hilarious monster song to help us recall the different parts of the body as well as facial features. We then moved onto looking at animals. We began with farm animals and learnt Old Macdonald had a farm to help us recall the different names of the farm animals afterwards, we moved onto Pets that we may or may not have at home. We created our sentences explaining what type of pet we had and were able to begin conversations with others. We are beginning to explore spelling and writing in French along with our developing listening, speaking and reading skills.


In Year 3 this term, we started our French journey by looking at numbers 1-10 and we are progressing onto developing our confidence in numbers up to 20. We were able to learn these numbers through songs to help us develop our confidence. We have begun to say French greetings to one another with some confidence and trying to focus on our pronunciation. This has helped us to develop our speaking skills so that we can begin to ask each other questions and respond accurately. We later moved onto saying the different names for the months of the year, this has helped us to say our birthdays. We were able to notice that some of the months have similar spellings to the English months. Finally, we moved onto writing sentences about our likes and dislikes. We were able to develop our listening and speaking skills this term and we will continue to develop in these areas along with our reading and writing skills.


The entire school has been looking at a range of French words/phrases this term through our words of the week. These words relate to a topic or event that may have occurred this term. The link below takes you to these words and with the help of some of the children across the school we hope we can help you say some of the words/phrases we have focused on this term.


Don't forget to provide your child with a bottle of water each day :-)