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"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple." Dr. Seuss

Maths at Bedgrove Junior School

Because we recognise the importance of English and Maths as the basis for all learning, they are taught daily in dedicated sessions. Where appropriate, links are made to the termly topic which provides us with an overarching theme for each year group, each term. These are usually led by Geography, History or Expressive Arts with other subjects feeding into, supporting or extending the topic; however, we do not force links where they don't exist;  subjects such as Science will generally be taught discretely and separately.


Maths teaching and learning at BJS strives to provide every child with the skills, knowledge and understanding required in order for them to achieve their full potential in the modern world. We emphasise the importance of developing secure mental maths strategies alongside formal written methods in order to provide a sound basis for calculation.  We also focus on using and applying mathematical skills in practical problem solving situations within real and meaningful contexts. By offering a wide range of mathematical challenges across all ability ranges, we are able to ensure that every child is challenged to extend their knowledge and skills.  Where possible, children have the opportunity to use and apply mathematics across the curriculum.


We recognise the importance of embedding maths skills across the curriculum and we are currently exploring methods used in 'maths mastery'. We are part of the BBO Maths Hub looking at 'singapore maths' and 'mastery in maths'. We are trialling some mastery methods across the whole school in maths but fully engaging in the mastery approach in Year 3. For this reason maths is taught in class groups in Year 3 and in sets throughout the rest of the school.


Mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars


All children now have individual logins for Mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars. Please use these to log into Mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars to improve your maths skills.


Links to the websites are at the bottom of this page.

World Maths Day 2018

World Maths Day 


Well done to the winners of our times table challenge!

Keep up the good work! Mr Magee holds the best score, 52 is what we need to beat! Good Luck!


      3MA - Callum                                 5KL - Tadiwa                               6KH - Rohan

      3CT - Shauri                                  5PB - Michelle                             6CM - Ben & Muna

      3EA - Keneshaa                             5CA - Shaun                                6JR - Sathan

      3HW - James G                             5NA - Akchiya                             6JH - Ishaan