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Admissions Policy Consultation


As you will be aware the Governors of Bedgrove Junior School are consulting on the 2019 admission rules for the school.


The following changes have been made to our existing policy:


Rule 2 - pupils must be attending Bedgrove Infant School on the application closing date

Rule 3 - siblings who are in attendance at the Infant or Junior School on the date of admission will now be given higher priority as rule 3

Rule 4 - pupils living in catchment will be given a lower priority than siblings in attendance at one or both schools and will now be rule 4

Rule 5 - children with exceptional medical or social needs will no longer be given a priority under the new admission rules


There are also some further amendments surrounding the definitions of particular groupings or admission rules throughout the document.


In addition this initial consultation, we have been working closely with the local authority and we are consulting on changes to our current catchment area. The LA is proposing a change to our catchment area in response to major housing developments planned in the area and potential oversubscription within Aston Clinton’s catchment due to the cumulative effect of housing approvals in the village.


Following the recent approval by AVDC’s Strategic Development Management Committee for 3000 homes on Hampden Fields, 1100 homes on Woodlands and another 200 homes on two separate developments south of the Aston Clinton Road, BCC is proposing that we increase our catchment area to cover these areas to address potential oversubscription issues ahead of any new schools being built and expected volatility in demand on these new developments. The proposal is also intended to help protect our school from the impact of any new schools – and allow them to be phased in as and when there is sufficient demand for them to open. As our school does admit a number of children from out of catchment we would not expect this change to affect children living within our existing catchment area.


In addition, following the recent approval of 600 homes across a number of schemes in the Aston Clinton village, BCC is also proposing to expand our catchment area to cover a small area to the west of the village. This area would have a shared catchment area with Aston Clinton School. The LA would not expect this catchment change to impact on parental choice (i.e. the purpose of catchment areas is to prioritise admissions) – it is intended to increase parental options in the area. The proposals are only intended to encourage parents to include ‘next nearest’ schools as a preference should the catchment school become oversubscribed and reducing the risk of pupils having to travel a disproportionate distance to their next nearest school with a place available.


Finally, the Local Authority is proposing that we increase our catchment area to include the Hampden Hall development and exclude it from the Weston Turville CE School catchment – as the development is situated closer to our school.


We have attached the 2019 admissions document for your perusal. The consultation period will run from Thursday 9th November through to Thursday 21st December.

If you have any comments on the admission rules please email the school office - and address the email to the attention of the Headteacher by Thursday 21st December.

We welcome visits to the school throughout the year.  If you would like to find out more about Bedgrove Junior School, please contact the school office to arrange an appointment.

For children joining us in Year 3 there are open days throughout September and October each year which allow you to visit the school during a normal day and a further transition meeting is held in June/July once your child has an accepted a place at our school.


If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements and documents below.


Bedgrove Junior School offers places to 120 pupils per year group.  The school’s admission arrangements are as described by the Buckinghamshire Education authority for all county schools. As a Foundation School we are responsible for our own admissions and therefore places are allocated by the school.


Places have to be applied for online via the following web link:-

Where there is an oversubscription the schools admission policy is applied, and applicants are placed on the waiting list held by County.


Bucks County Council Admission Form - to be completed if your child is moving mid-year

Please find below our admissions documents which can also be found in our admissions pack collected from the school office.

Uniform list

Multi Permissions form 16

Local Visits and Medical Consent Form

Application form for Free School Meals

Home School Agreement

Keeping your child safe when using the internet

Pupil's Internet Code of Practice