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Bedgrove Junior School

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Who's Who

If you would like to speak to any member of staff please contact the school office.


Headteacher:                                                              Mrs L Greco

Acting Deputy Headteacher:                                     Mr J Magee

Assistant Headteacher:                                             Mr H Wood

Assistant Headteacher:                                             Mrs J Makepeace

Mrs Skinner (Deputy Headteacher is currently on secondment with BLT from Sep 2016 - July 2017)



Lower Key Stage Two Leader:                                  Mr M Glanney

Upper Key Stage Two  Leader:                                 Miss N Andrews



Year 3 Teachers

Mr M Glanney

Mrs L Hmaidi

Miss C Tartaglia

Mr S Harris


Year 4 Teachers

Mrs J Makepeace

Mrs J Nunn

Miss N Phipps

Mrs F O'Brien


Year 5 Teachers

Miss N Andrews

Miss P Bates

Miss J Haynes

Miss K Leonard


Year 6 Teachers

Mr H Wood

Mrs K Hurrell

Ms C Magnocavallo

Mrs C Wilson


PPA/Management Cover/Specialist Teachers

Mrs C Taylor

Mrs K Warner (music)

Mr R Niesyto (PE)


Senior LSAs

Mrs C Smith (SENDCo)

Mrs J Payne

Mrs G Bird

Mrs L Davies

Mrs L Tatlow



Mrs R Baker

Mrs K Brooks

Miss L Coates

Mrs R Farooq

Miss Z Imtiaz

Mrs K Jessett

Mrs L Kenton

Ms D Millbank

Mrs L Parker

Miss C Street

Miss C Taylor

Mrs S Taylor

Mrs K Welch

Miss J Adams (Sports apprentice)


Pastoral Team

Child & Family Support Co-ordinator                         Miss C Gore


Office Staff

School Business Manager                                         Mrs J Bassan

Secretary                                                                   Mrs N Povey


Site Staff

Site Manager                                                            Mr T Pope


 Miss J Scannell and  Mrs Foulger are currently on maternity leave.

Staff Subject Leadership