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Reading at Bedgrove Junior School


We foster a love of reading and the ability to read for information through daily guided reading sessions, author visits and regular use of our fantastic school library. We deliberately select high quality texts from a range of authors, ensuring that the children enjoy a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry alongside media texts.  Children also have regular lessons to help develop their reading comprehension skills. Guided reading is run on a two week rota. During these sessions, children get the opportunity to spend quality time with their teacher exploring texts, looking at language and exploring features.


We have a daily story time session at the end of each day which is based on our Literature Spine by Pie Corbett. We have a reading spine that runs through our school and the expectation is that all children are exposed to a range of texts throughout the year giving them 'a spine' of texts on which they can use when reading other texts or writing stories.  This not only improves their understanding of how texts should be read, their comprehension but also their vocabulary which is vital to everyday life and writing.


As individual readers, children continue working through the book band colours in school. Once they reach grey, they become a 'free reader' meaning they can access books from either their class library or the school library. Children are encouraged to read at home regularly and read texts from a range of genres and authors. 


Pupils can also access the online book club called 'Bug Club' where teachers select challenging texts for each child and place them in their online library. Pupils receive rewards for reading regularly and answering comprehension based questions on what they have read. This is a fantastic resource and children are encouraged to use this frequently throughout the week. Please follow the link to log in.