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Pupil Parliament

Get to know your Members of Pupil Parliament

Here are the happy smiley faces of our Members of Pupil Parliament (MPPs)  There is one from each class and all four members of the Head Boy and Head Girl teams.  Can you find your MPP?

Election Day June 8th 2017

Children have been busy all day at the school Polling Station.  All the ballot papers will be counted by children in Spice Club after school today and the school's  results will be broadcast tomorrow morning when the rest of Britain wakes up to find out who has won the actual election.  

Tuesday 6th June

Election 2017 UPDATE: Canvassing has begun in earnest today.  MPPs have been busy this afternoon  recording their party political broadcasts; finishing off their manifestos and posters and putting their election posters and placards up around the  school.   Broadcasts will be shown in classes tomorrow.  Ballot papers are counted and ready for the election on Thursday.  Exciting times! 

Last minute canvassing

Last minute canvassing 1
Last minute canvassing 2
Last minute canvassing 3
Last minute canvassing 4

Wednesday 24th May

With the General Election looming,  Bedgrove Junior School have decided to get in on the act.  We know we can't vote until we are 18, but if children could vote, what policies would interest them? Whose manifesto would win them over? Which party would get their vote? 

We have decided to find out and will be having our own polling station here in the school hall on June 8th.  Every child will be issued with a ballot sheet and they will be able to vote for one of the main political parties just like every eligible adult in the country.  

Our own MPP' s have been extremely busy: reading manifestos, finding out the main parties key pledges ,making posters and flyers and rehearsing party political broadcasts. After half term, our canvassing will begin so that the voters will be familiar with the major  policies and pledges of each political party before they make their decision on Thursday 8th June.  Will the children of Bedgrove choose the same new government as the rest of the country?  We can't wait to find out!

Some of our MPP's preparing for the General Election

Thursday 30th March

We hope you saw us out and about this morning in our hi-viz jackets.  We were giving out leaflets to car drivers, who were all very happy that we are trying to do  something about the traffic problems.  We saw a couple of near misses even in the short time we were out there and witnessed one poor resident waiting and waiting on his drive as someone had parked right across it. 


Many parents who were walking their children to school stopped to talk to us too.  Some of them said what a difference it makes to the traffic when the Pupil Parliament are 'patrolling' the area.  The road directly outside the school is apparently less congested when we are there, perhaps seeing us makes people think more carefully about where they will drop off their children!


We'll be there again this afternoon.  Come and talk to us! 

MPPs busy leafleting car drivers this morning.

MPPs busy leafleting car drivers this morning. 1
MPPs busy leafleting car drivers this morning. 2

Week Commencing 27th March 2017

Our MPP's are working hard on a Perfect Parking campaign to improve the traffic congestion around the school at the beginning and the end of the school day.  We will be out and about on Thursday 31st March before school and after school, giving out leaflets and letting you know about our online survey.  Look out for us in our high-viz jackets.  We are really keen to talk to drivers and hear your ideas and suggestions on Thursday. 


Week Commencing 20th March 2017

We were busy on Red Nose Day, collecting classes of children to come to the playground and add to our Red Nose of silver coins.  Do you know we raised over £1500 for Comic Relief? 


We think we have finally agreed on our global charity and some events to raise money for this fantastic cause.   More news after Easter!

Some trees have arrived at our school and we are hoping to make a little forest. However we have a problem as we  do not have enough people to plant them. If you could help, please contact BJS.

Maria, Katie, Isabella, Amy and Tadiwa.