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'Description begins in the writer's imagination, but should finish in the reader's.' - Stephen King

English At Bedgrove Junior School


Because we recognise the importance of English and Maths as the basis for all learning, they are taught daily in dedicated sessions. Where appropriate, links are made to the termly topic which provides us with an overarching theme for each year group, each term. These are usually led by Geography, History or Expressive Arts with other subjects feeding into, supporting or extending the topic; however, we do not force links where they don't exist; subjects such as Science will be taught discreetly and separately.


At Bedgrove Junior School we use the Pie Corbett 'Talk for Writing' approach to teaching writing, although we have amended this to meet the needs of our children. Talk for Writing enables children to imitate the key language, features and structures they need for a particular topic orally before they try reading and analysing it. Through fun activities that help them rehearse the tune of the language they need, followed by shared writing to show them how to craft their writing, children are helped to write in the same style. Children are then encouraged to innovate the text by making small alterations and improving the text further. In the final week of T4W, children use everything they have learnt to create their own independent pieces of work. 


As a school, we like to make sure the children have a purpose for writing. We foster 4 reasons for why we write: to entertain, to inform, to persuade and to discuss. The genres of texts used and writing created will always center around the reader and what the intention is.


Additional daily lessons in grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting ensure the children have the prerequisite skills to write neatly, accurately and concisely. 


All children are set English homework - this includes SPaG and spellings to learn. Children are tested on these spellings and are encouraged to practise them regularly. To reach expected standards in writing, children are required to spell specific words correctly (please see home-school diaries). If you are unfamiliar with any terms relating to SPaG, please use the provided links.


What writing looks like at Bedgrove:

Don't forget to provide your child with a bottle of water each day :-)