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Bedgrove Junior School

An Academy of the Great Learners Trust


School Vision and Values


Our aim is to provide all children here at Bedgrove Junior with the best possible education and experiences. Children learn about our school values through the curriculum and from our behaviour for learning policy. Our main focus is to ensure that our children leave our school well-rounded, healthy, resilient, self motivated individuals who can work well within teams and have a love of learning which follows them on the next stage of their educational journey.


Our vision and values are at the heart of everything we do to support the children so they can flourish in every aspect of school life. 

Our Values are: 






Our values interlink with each other so children can make the connections between them within the curriculum and in school life. For example, if a child is inspired about their learning, they will be self motivated to challenge themselves appropriately so therefore will succeed. We believe success should be celebrated at all levels. 






'Inspire' - we strive to ignite a passion for learning within our children and aim to ignite children's enthusiasm and desire to learn and explore.


'Challenge' - we aim to provide challenge for all children so that they strive to achieve their very best. We adopt a growth mind-set policy where children will self-challenge and always try to do even better and learn from their mistakes.


'Succeed' - we want all of our children to succeed to the very best of their own ability.  We have a 'can do' culture where we believe every child can achieve and we support, challenge and motivate pupils to want to succeed in everything they do.