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Bedgrove Junior School

An Academy of the Great Learners Trust


School Values

Our vision and values are at the heart of everything we do and support us to prepare our pupils for their future. 

Our school vision is the driver for our self - improvement.  All stakeholders share our vision to make our school the very best it can be.

Our values are the driver of our school curriculum offer. Children learn about our school values through the curriculum and our behaviour policy. Our main focus is to ensure that our children leave our school as well-rounded, healthy, respectful citizens of their own and the wider community who enjoy and relish opportunities to learn. We want every child to leave our school prepared for the next stage of their education, with the strategies that will enable them to be life long learners.


Our three year vision for Bedgrove Junior School is:

'To be a continually improving, outstanding school that is recognised beyond our own school community as a lighthouse of excellent practice that enables all stakeholders to achieve their full potential. By championing equity, and promoting physical and emotional well-being, we equip all pupils with the knowledge, skills, resilience and self-belief to become lifelong learners who are prepared for their future in a fast moving, diverse world.



Our Values at Bedgrove Junior School are to:

'Inspire' - we strive to ignite a passion for learning within our children and aim to ignite children's enthusiasm and desire to learn and explore.


'Challenge' - we aim to provide challenge for all children so that they strive to achieve their very best. We adopt a growth mind-set policy where children will self-challenge and always try to do even better and learn from their mistakes.


'Succeed' - we want all of our children to succeed to the very best of their own ability.  We have a 'can do' culture where we believe every child can achieve and we support, challenge and motivate pupils to want to succeed in everything they do.