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Our Ravens have booked their place into the next round of the cup competition, after a fantastic 8-1 victory against Waddesdon. The boys got off to a fantastic start by taking the lead inside the first few minutes, and from that moment they never looked back. The star player award went to Bobby after getting a very well deserved Hat-trick.

Sports Desk


November and December have seen us competing in six different sports.


Our Netball teams started their league campaigns in style. The Jaguar have won both their matches (one with an incredible margin of 19-0) and our Raptors have won two and lost one. We look forward to further matches and good fortune in January.


Both our Ravens and Girls Football teams played in the County Final. Whilst we didn’t go through to the final stages, it is a real accolade just to reach this prestigious event and all of those involved should feel proud to have taken part. The organisers made specific mention that the boys were very unlucky not to reach the final.


Our Eagles and Ravens are unbeaten in the league and we look forward to further success in the New Year. This is also when our girls will start their league campaign.


In Dodgeball, we were in action at the John Colet, with two Y5 teams and two Y6 teams. All those involved greatly enjoyed this event, working together as a team and showing our school values. Whilst we weren’t the winners on this occasion, it was a great opportunity to meet and work with (and against) children from other schools. 


A further squad of children attended a Multiskills event at Mandeville school, trying out new sports such as Boccia, Benchball and a mini obstacle course. This was an event for children from all year groups and every one of them came back with a smile on their face. This event always gives us great ideas for playground games, so it’s a win for everyone.


Next up, Badminton, where our Y3 and Y4 children competed in skills challenges in a round robin system. Both of our teams worked hard, played hard and smiled hard, achieving 3rd and 5th places. It was great to see children from different year groups working so well together, supporting each other and having fun.


Finally, Cross Country. For the first time in a long while, it didn’t rain! With less runners than usual (due to the County Football Final being on the same day) we were delighted that our Y5 boys team won a bronze medal (Jackson, Matthew and Humza), Lucy and Ava both came in 4th position, Jackson in 5th and Abbey, Matthew and Martha came 8th. For many, this was their first cross country and we look forward to a full squad on our next run out in January.




House Day


For our first house day of the year the children were asked to create an endangered sea creature or scene entirely out of junk and recycling. As a school we believe it is important to do our part to save the planet and we thought this would be an excellent way to educate our pupils.

With lots of fabulous ideas and creations the children all contributed to a wonderful day. They all used their school values to work together in their teams for their house.

There were a variety of different designs from each house with many ideas being taken into consideration as you can see from the pictures below.

Our children worked hard to create a masterpiece that was both close to the original design on their plan and was a close replicate to an endangered animal effected by plastic entering our oceans.

Well done to everyone for such a successful house day, raising lots of awareness within our school about the constant problems we face with our planet.

Finally, congratulations to the RED HOUSE on winning our first house day of the year!

House day 1 18/19 images

Local Sports Clubs


With so much interest in our squad tryouts, please find below details of some local sports clubs:

Basketball:   (Bucks Hornets Basketball Club)     (Aylesbury Dux Basketball Club)

Netball:  (Aylesbury Junior Netball League)

Swimming: (Maxwell Swimming Club) (Aylesbury and District Swimming Club)

Tennis: (JWT Aylesbury Tennis Coaching)

Hockey: (Aylesbury Hockey Club)

Gymnastics: (Aylesbury Gymnastics Academy)

Cheerleading: (Aylesbury Cheerleading Academy)

Football: (Bedgrove Dynamos Football) (Aylesbury United Ladies and Girls FC)

Dance: (Castielli Dance Club) (Kandeez Dance Club)



Bedgrove Junior School Sports Code of Conduct:

Young Players


When playing I will:

  • Always play to the best of my ability
  • Play fairly – I won’t cheat, complain or waste time
  • Respect my team-mates, the other team, the referee or my coach/manager
  • Play by the rules , as directed by the referee
  • Shake hands with the other team and referee at the end of the game
  • Listen and respond to what my coach/team manager tells me
  • Talk to someone I trust, my coach or my teacher if I’m unhappy about anything

When spectating I will:

  • Remember that children play for fun
  • Applaud effort and good play as well as success
  • Always respect the match official’s decisions
  • Remain outside the field of play and within the designated spectators’ area (where provided)
  • Let the coach do their job and not confuse the players by telling them what to do
  • Encourage the players to respect the opposition, referee and match officials
  • Avoid criticising a player for making a mistake – mistakes are part of learning
  • Never engage in behaviour that could be considered offensive by others



Please may we remind all parents/carers that our consultation on academisation remains open and we welcome any views, questions or concerns via the governor email address or school office. Thank you