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Sports Day 2018

Sports Day – Wednesday 23rd May

Lower School – 9.20 am – 11.45 am (approx.)

Upper School – 1.30 pm – 3.15 pm (approx.)

Can family spectate? This year, due to building works, Sports Day will take place on the Y3 field, adjacent to the spinney. Parents are welcome to spectate, however the track will be less visible than in previous years. Entrance and exit will be through the gate from the spinney only, not through the front gate, due to the layout of the field.

What time should I arrive?

Lower School – 8.45 am at the earliest. Please do not block the playground, as children will still be making their way into school at this time.

Upper School – We will open the gate to the spinney at 1.15pm, after the children have left the playground.


Order of events:

9.20 am/1.30pm - Obstacle Race, Shot Put, Howler Throw and Long Jump (These events will start simultaneously. If children are taking part in shot put, howler and long jump, their long jump event will be the last of the three.)

The remaining events will follow, in the order as below. Whilst we cannot give timings, this information will hopefully be of assistance.

Bean Bag Throw

Egg & Spoon Relays

Bean Bag Collecting


Long Distance

Hoop Race



Inclement weather plan. If we have to cancel sports day, for any reason, a notice will be added to the front page of the school website and a message sent by ParentMail. In case of doubt, please check. Should this happen, we have planned alternative dates as follows:

Lower School, 1.30 pm – 3.15 pm 5th June,

Upper School, 1.30pm -3.15 pm 6th June.


What should children wear? Children should arrive at school in their trainers and school PE shorts with either their school PE shirt or, preferably, a t-shirt in their house colour, e.g. Rowling – red, Bolt – blue etc. This should be adjusted according to the weather on the day, e.g. tracksuit bottoms/sweatshirt if it is cold; sun cream and sun hat if it is hot. All t-shirts should cover shoulders as they tend to burn easily. All children can stay in this clothing for the remainder of the day. If your child does not know their house colour, please ask them to speak to their class teacher.

Medical. Please ensure that your children, as always, have their medicine in school and that inhalers are with them, up to date and are not empty.

Gazebo shelter for the children. If you have a gazebo you could lend us for the day, this would be greatly appreciated, in order that the children are able to sit in the shade. If you are able to help with this, please email us on

Shot Put & Howler Events. Children will be advised which events they will be participating in, early next week. If your child is participating in shot put or howler throw, these will take place on the main field, between the Infant and Junior schools and once complete, the children will move back to the Y3 field. Access will still be through the back gate from the spinney. Please follow the signs but be aware of the long jump event, which will also be in progress at that time.

Water. Please ensure your child has a filled water bottle in school with them on the day.

We hope that the above provides all the information that you need, however if you do have any queries, please contact us on

Kind Regards

The PE Team

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