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Equality, Inclusion and SEND

We are an inclusive school and pride ourselves on the opportunities that are given to all of our pupils.

Every pupil within our school has the right to expect the highest standards of teaching and learning leading to good outcomes for all.  All of our pupils have the responsibility to be an active and engaged learner, showing excellent behaviour at all times and respect and tolerance for their peers and the staff that work with them.

Every single one of our pupils is exposed to a broad and balanced school curriculum that is supplemented by trips and visitors each term. Pupils have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of extra -curricular activities and opportunities.  

Pupils are taught through our Healthy Minds sessions and our RE WOW days about different religions and family make ups. |Through this they develop mutual respect and understanding for all adults within the school and their peers. School values are taught alongside British values and pupils are rewarded for showing these values in and around the school.

BJS Equality Objectives - Updated September 2018


Objective 1 - Ensure that pupil diversity data is explored to consider trends and identify areas of development. Ensure all staff and governors are made aware of findings and that any concerns are acted upon.

Objective 2 - Ensure all staff and governors complete and maintain currency on Equality and Diversity to allow them to fulfil their role fully.

Objective 3 - Aspire to secure recognition for Bedgrove Junior School and their commitment to equality through the Rights Respecting School Award Scheme.

Equality & Cohesion Policy

SENCO - Jamie Makepeace (Assistant Inclusion Headteacher)

Please contact Mrs Makepeace if you have any SEND concerns.

At Bedgrove Junior School we recognise that sometimes learning can be challenging for some pupils.  We provide quality first teaching for all pupils and when pupils have been identified as having additional needs we offer individualised support.

Every child on the SEND register has a SEN support plan.  This outlines desired outcomes, type of provision, time and financial costings.  These are shared with parents and carers three times per year.

We have Learning Support Assistants to support those children with additional needs.  They are trained to run a number of interventions.  Below is a sample of some of the interventions that are monitored by the SENDCo:

  • Precision Monitoring - to support pupils with specific numerical or literacy difficulties. 
  • Rainbow Road - to support pupils with memory and sequencing difficulties.
  • OT resources pack - to support pupils with gross/fine motor difficulties
  • Social Stories - for children who struggle with self awareness and understanding of social expectations.  
  • Direct phonics - for pupils who have not responded to other phonics teaching or interventions.
  • Project X - a range of books that engage pupils with reading and applying their phonics knowledge when reading.  
  • Toe-by-Toe - systematic, one-to-one, phonics teaching.
  • Nurture Groups - a small group for children who may feel insecure in school or who are in need of more adult attention than can be provided in their main class.


Useful Apps and App Developers

  • Dexteria produce a fine motor collection which includes letter formation, finger isolation movements and development of pincer grasp.
  • Apps in My Pocket produce a range of educational apps including ‘Pocket Phonics which works on letter formation alongside letter sound.
  • Inclusive Technology produces a wide range of general and specialised apps for children.
  • Dyslexia Quest 6 games that each test a different learning ability known to cause dyslexia.
  • Nessy Learning apps support reading and writing with the use of phonics.
Bedgrove Junior School - Special Educational Needs School Policy

Social Stories
Some children may find a change in their routine, such as a snow day, very difficult to cope with or understand. This short social story may be useful to help them with any anxious feelings they may have about this unplanned change.


Picture 1


Occupational Therapy (OT)
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